About Us

From the rugged isle of Bute, folk tell of a fabled creature that resembles a hare. So quick, brave and agile was he that no hunter's arrow or poacher's snare could bring him to heel nor hearth. Quickly, the Bute Hare become a local byword for spirit, speed and daring. At Bute Capital we embrace these very same values, our ability to manoeuvre and adapt whilst providing a swift and efficient service marks Bute out against the traditional corporate lenders. Our logo, the hare of Bute, is more than a mark; it is a promise to our clients.

Bute Capital was established in January 2009 with the express purpose of providing small and medium enterprise with asset financing solutions. At the height of the credit crisis many of the UK’s largest banks chose to exit the asset finance market, this left many customers and arrangers without access to asset financing.

Bute Capital aims to support introducers and customers and views this current era as an exciting opportunity to support British businesses, we are backed by private shareholder and institutional investment.

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Bucking the Trend

The Bank of England reports that high street banks lent just £44.2 billion to businesses in the first quarter of 2012 and that 38% of loan applications were rejected.

At Bute Capital we consider every application. We seek to buck the trend.